Why use a Towbar Fitting Service?

When purchasing a Towbar, it may be tempting to try and fit it yourself, however, as experienced Towbar Installers, we can certainly tell you from experience that this is no easy task! In this article we will explain the benefits of using a Towbar Fitting Service like RD Auto Electrics.

Time Consuming

Fitting a Towbar can be a drawn task requiring time to research how to fit your towbar, gathering the specific tools you will need as well as actually having to fit the Towbar! Our Engineers have collectively fitted thousands of towbars and have experience with most vehicles on the roads. We have everything ready to install your Towbar at your requested location in an allocated amount of time!

Trained specifically for this task, our engineers are experts in fitting Towbars, making sure the install is completed to a high standard as well as looking great! We pride ourselves on making sure our installs are some of the cleanest Towbar fits on the market – free from exposed cabling or poor bumper cuts.
Peace of mind
As well as knowing that the job has been completed to a very high standard, you are also safe in the knowledge that you can call on our experts at any time if you have an issue or your towbar develops any problems!

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