What Towbar should I purchase?


Looking to purchase a towbar but unsure of which one to get? Take a look at our helpful guide to help you decide which is the right option for you!


Fixed Flange Neck


The most cost effective towbar that we offer in our range, the Fixed Flange Towbar offers the least expensive way to Tow with your vehicle. Once installed, this is permanently attached to your vehicle and on show.

The Flange Towbar is two separate parts that are bolted together to create the Towbar.


Advantages Disadvantages
Most Cost effective way to Tow. Not pleasing compared to Swan Neck
Tow and carry bicycles at the same time. Can interrupt existing parking sensors.
Alternate Towballs can be fitted.


Fixed Swan Neck


Like the Fixed Flange, the Fixed Swan Neck is permanently attached to your vehicle. However, the difference is that the Swan Neck is aesthetically more pleasing due to its curved design and all in one unit.


Advantages Disadvantages
More aesthetically pleasing than Flange Towbars. More limited towing – cannot tow and have a Bike Rack on at the same time.
Even though slightly more than Fixed Flange, still an affordable way to Tow. Alternate Towballs cannot be fitted
Less Likely to trigger Parking Sensors.

Detachable Swan Neck


The most costly towbar in our range but definitely the most pleasing to look (or not look!) at. The main difference and advantage being that the Neck can be removed until it is required for Towbar – as if it is not there at all. While it looks good, it also means that the chance of injuring yourself on the Neck and Towball is gone. Another benefit is when removed it eliminates the possibility of triggering Parking Sensors when removed.


Advantages Disadvantages
Most aesthetically pleasing Towbar Most expensive Towbar
Compatible with most vehicles Alternate Towballs cannot be fitted
Will not trigger Parking Sensor when removed


We hope that this has helped you decide which Towbar you would like on your vehicle! You can get a free quote here.

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