Confused about what Electrics you need with your Towbar?


Unsure of what Electrics you need to purchase with your Towbar? No worries! Here we have a comprehensive guide as to which option suits you best!

What are the different options?


It can seem a little confusing as to which option you need for your vehicles – 7 Pin or 13 Pin? Single or Twin Electrics? This guide is designed so leave without any questions and to be sure what you need to purchase.

Explaining each type:


7 Pin The most basic type of plug, 7 Pin Electrics supply basic lighting such as indicators and brake lights. Suitable  for Bike Carriers.
13 Pin Providing more functions such as Reversing Lights and Mist Lights, 13 Pin has become mandatory on caravans as since 2008, Caravans were all fitted with 13 Pin sockets.
​Single Electrics Single plug of 7 Pin electrics, this will only provide lighting to what you are towing.
Twin Electrics Twin 7 Pin Electrics provide two 7 Pin connections to provide electrics to interior functions of your caravan.


Different Options:

Below, we will list the 3 possible options that you can purchase:

7 Pin Single Electrics
7 Pin Twin Electrics
13 Pin Single Electrics

Hopefully this guide has clarified what option suits you best but if you have any questions – get in touch! Otherwise, if you would like to purchase a towbar and arrange fitting, get a free quote here.

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